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You may learn all about the sun,
all about the atmosphere
all about the rotation of the earth
and still
miss the radiance of the sunset.

— Alfred North Whitehead

…Not the least of Vermont’s blessings is that it may refresh urbanized senses, renewing enjoyment of the whole experience of living.

There is a magic about Vermont by which just being there is a most precious occupation. But that need not be the only activity to commend either the state or the Whetstone to you.

Marlboro itself is a Vermont idyll, nearly atop the Green Mountains as they rise to the west of the Connecticut River Valley.

The village is the tiny centerpiece of a hilly countryside which blazes forth each fall; turns soft emerald in spring; and is the winter wonderland of verse and lore when the snow comes.

From Marlboro — to the north, west or south — many of New England’s attractive villages are within easy driving distances of the Whetstone, making it a convenient hub for exploring much of southern Vermont.

In minute and mile, especially as these are measured in the open spaces of America, these locales are but moments apart, though each may enchant away hours for a leisurely traveler. While their appeal may often be redundant, each village is yet singular in radiating a special something about the American experience — past and present.

Treasured by those for whom Vermont is as much a state of mind as a state in the Union, these are locales which should not be missed by those becoming acquainted with the state.